The Truth Seeker Company is the oldest, continuously published small press in America and the oldest Freethought publication in the world.

Our first edition of The Truth Seeker was published on September 1, 1873, in Paris, Illinois and in January 1874 we moved in to New York City where the intellectual community was located. It didn't take but a few months before D. M. Bennett, our Founder, became a major player in that community of intellectuals. His wife Mary Wicks Bennett, named the newspaper and after the death of Bennett in 1882 ran the company for one year. After that it passed on to other Publishers until 1988 when Bonnie Lange became the Publisher and is still at the helm today.

Truth Seekers are Freethinkers. Our philosophy is called Freethought. We have followed a long and rich tradition of people who have contributed positive ideas to our global community. Such outstanding people as Thomas Paine, Robert G. Ingersoll, Mark Twain, Nikola Tesla to name a few, who have been and still are involved with us even after their deaths. You can find many more in
400 Years of Freethought by S. P. Putnum, published by The Truth Seeker Company, 1894.

We support the ideas stated in
The Declaration of Independence, that every man, woman and child has the "right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." We see no reason for organized religion or for the political state. However, this does not mean we do not believe in government because we support the idea that a government should protect the individual and the individual's property. Therefore, a locksmith or an insurance company or a security system is by our definition considered a government.

Freethinkers are here to build a better world and our goal is simple: Improve yourself and teach by example. Our educational outreach includes books,video tapes, DVD's, audio tapes, CDs and live seminars and our authors and publications are always on the cutting edge of the newest ideas. Because in the long run, New Ideas give us New Perspectives and Freethinkers are by our very nature long term thinkers.

Bonnie Lange

The Truth Seeker - History of Publishers

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Bonnie Lange 1988 to 2013

A brief note about Bonnie Lange about whom I could write many volumes of praise.
Bonnie, my publisher displays no difference between passion and business. Her daily actions are always about her convictions. To me, her most important conviction is that we have climbed out of the past Age. We have finished it. The time we're in now is quite, quite different. "We have climbed out of the past Age." All one has to do is say that phrase, and the possibilities swarm in. Abundance on a grand scale.
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D. M. Bennett Founder/Publisher/Editor

His journalism was of the sort called personal. The Truth Seeker was Bennett and in advertising himself he advertised his paper. D. M. Bennett our Founder only lived nine years after starting The Truth Seeker in Paris, Illinois, on September 1, 1873, but the energy of those nine years has never ceased and will continue on as long as there are freethinkers. That's D. M. Bennett's legacy to Freethought. In his day he was the country's leading publisher and author of Freethinking.
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Eugene M. Macdonald
Publisher/Editor 1883-1909

Eugene always kept his balance, never leaning either way to get the favor of radical or conservative, nor committing The Truth Seeker to any advocacy but that of Free Thought, Free Speech and Free Press.
Eugene was with The Truth Seeker for 35 years and its editor for a quarter of a century. He began as a printer in 1874 and within a few years was contributing articles. After the death of D. M. Bennett, Eugene masterfully steered The Truth Seeker through the Golden Age of Freethought into the 20th Century.
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Charles Lee Smith
Publisher/Editor 1937-1964

Charles is probably the most scholarly of all our Editors. He attended Harvard University but had to withdraw in his Junior year due to lack of funds. As Roderick Bradford writes about him in our 125th Anniversary Issue: "He discovered Thomas Jefferson's book of abstracts from the New Testament about Jesus in 1912 and reading it made him realize that Jefferson was an infidel. This started Charles' interest in freethought literature, eventually culminating in his conversion to atheism. Charles enlisted in WW1 and after the war returned to New York City and started selling the freethought magazine The Truth Seeker and writing for the publication. Charles purchased The Truth Seeker in 1938 and converted the format from a foilo-sized weekly to a smaller monthly." In 1940 he incorporated the Company and in 1964 he sold The Truth Seeker Co., Inc. to James Hervey Johnson and moved himself and the entire Company to San Diego, California. He did not live to enjoy the move to this beautiful city for he died of a fatal heart attack only six months after the move.
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Mary Wicks Bennett
Cofounder 1882-1883

Mary was D.M. Bennett's advisor and helpmate. She was "the wind" beneath his wings. Like all women of her day she played a role behind the scenes. But her presence is felt even today because it was Mary who advised D. M. to call the newspaper "The Truth Seeker" and described it as "the leading advocate for mental liberty."
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George E. Macdonald
Publisher/Editor 1909-1937

Clarence Darrow, the leading Defense Attorney of the first half of the 20th Century, had this to say about George, "as a writer he has always been loyal to the truth as he understood it. He has clung to this ideal in spite of all handicaps, disapproval and danger. He has been a valiant soldier for human liberty." George attacked most of the leading writers of his day because The Truth Seeker had remained the leading freethought and agnostic publication in the world. His contribution to The Truth Seeker and the freethought movement is immeasurable. Perhaps his most important achievement is his two-volume definitive history of the freethought movement entitled, "Fifty Years of Freethought---The Story of The Truth Seeker from 1875."
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James Hervey Johnson Publisher/Editor

“I met Mr. Johnson in 1969 at his freethought bookstore. We were immediately attracted to each other through our admiration of Thomas Paine. At the time I was involved with The Free Enterprise Institute and the ideas of Andrew J. Galambos. I was told by one of our students about the bookstore that had books about Paine, Ingersoll, Voltaire and all of the important people who had contributed to our freedom from authoritarian government and religion. By 1971 I had become a close friend of Mr. Johnson and remained so until his death on August 6, 1988. James Hervey Johnson was a remarkable business man and in the 1930s was the tax collector for the City of San Diego. In those depression years he reduced the property taxes 25% and also taxed the churches. You can imagine how unpopular he was with organized religion but he was very popular with the business community. They held luncheons for him once a year and 150 to 200 business men attended. Mr. Johnson was a man of great conviction and he never veered from his course which was to acquire as much money as he could for freethought. Thus, he accomplished his goal leaving an estate of $22 million in 1988.” Bonnie Lange

Within the energy of the New Earth lies A Magic Community. This is
not a community or a place that you can find on a map or even
on a road.

This is a place that you can find only with the Mind and your
Imagination. It is hidden from most people and that is what makes
it magical.

There are seven qualities that act as keys to unlock the space
which allows you, as an Individual, entry into this magical space.
These keys are: Curiosity, Imagination, Creativity, Possibilities, Desire,
Integrity, and Freedom.  These are not keys that someone can give you.
These are keys that You must discover for Your SELF.

But once you have acquired these keys, you and your SELF
have unlimited access to the MAGIC of the COSMOS.

How does this happen?
It happens this way and only this way.

Magic and all that it contains is your creation.
It is special to you. There are people and places that you can visit
who are also in
A Magic Community but they are also in their
own special place…their own creation…their own Magic.

No matter where you go in the COSMOS you are taking your
Space your special place with you and that is why it is hidden.
Others who want to interact or commune with you must also
have the seven keys or they will never find you.

So, consider this a very private message that I am sharing with
You. Embrace it with all your heart…because your SELF
wants you to embrace it.

Bonnie Lange
Freethought Publishers Since 1873